The Bin That Communicates!



ErgoCans can display virtually anything due to our direct printing process. Express your message to the world with customized graphic panels. Waste and recycling programs, product advertisement, company branding or just a bright attractive design can all be presented to your audience with ErgoCan.  See our video explaining how to create a ErgoCan graphic display panel

Stock Graphics

ErgoCans come in a wide variety of ready to use graphic displays to fit perfect into any environment. From classically vintage to high-tech modern looks and with a diverse selection of color palettes it is easy to find the perfect ErgoCan.

We're Green

ErgoCans are green! Each model is made of 100% recycled Polypropylene (PP) plastic. The graphic panels are too made from recycled materials and in turn can be recycled later. Finally, all packaging and factory parts are shipped in corrugated recyclable cardboard. From our end to yours, waste is minimal.


ErgoCan received its name from its ergonomic features. Vacuum breaks have been designed into each bin so bags can be removed easily. Thus, minimal vertical lifting is required.