The Bin That Communicates!

EC2626 Features

The EC2626 contains many unique features including: unique Ergonomics, ECSIGNBOARD, ECSORTER, EC2626DOME, and EC2626DOMEINSERT.


Step-by-step Ergonomic features


<strong>Carefully remove the lid and place it off to the side</strong>


<strong>Slowly release the side hinged door and lower it to the ground to expose the bag</strong>


<strong>With the side door down grab the bag and pull straight out to remove with no vacuum effect</strong>


<strong>With the bag removed, replace it, raise the door back into place and place on the lid</strong>


Our signboards are 8.5x14in (legal size). You have the option to choose between Portrait or Landscape. They are perfect for adding additional signage to your ergocan


This 4-section corrugated plastic sorter will turn your EC2626 bin into a multipurpose collection point for several recycling categories. Used with the dome lid, you can fill the lid openings with up to 4 different styles of recycling inserts (see EC2626DOMEINSERT). For example, collect Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Paper, and Trash and the Sorter will keep each item separated for easy removal. You no longer need multiple bins to collect 4 different recyclables, this one will do it all


It is heavy duty for outdoor use, has an exterior finish that is resistant to scratches and scuffs, securely snaps onto frame, and has a flat top so items such as food trays or concession items can be placed on it


Utilize your Dome Lid for recycling as well as trash collection. Add Dome Lid Inserts to the lid openings for recycling a single category or 4 different categories. For example, collect all Bottles or multiple recycling categories such as Bottles, Paper, Cans, and Trash. These Dome Lid Inserts fit securely into the openings, but can be removed easily as your needs change